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Dorma Marie Lugo Colón
School (Cohort)
University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Preschool and Elementary Education
Puerto Rico


Dorma Marie Lugo Colón, was born September 5, 1977 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. She is best known as "maestra" Dorma as she was the owner and Director of Bright Start Day Care & Learning Center and part of her life has been around children and education and also comes from a family of educators as her mother is also an English Teacher.

Dorma is in her senior year towards a Bachelors Degree in Preschool and Elementary Education at the University of Puerto Rico in Bayamón.

In 1994, she started her first job in retail sales at a shoe store. She graduated from High School and started her Freshman year in 1995, at the University of Puerto Rico in Bayamón. She expected a Bachelors Degree in Social Studies which she stopped in 1999 without finishing. Started working in car sales and ended up working in the insurance Industry on that same year.

When she was 21 she started working in Popular Insurance, a newly Insurance Agency for the first time in Puerto Rico that was operated by a bank and owned by Banco Popular De Puerto Rico. She was part of the team responsible of the growth and expanding of the insurance industry and the sales of insurance direct from banks subsidiaries like Popular Mortgage and Popular Auto.

Leading a team of 4 people at age 25 Dorma was an Insurance Agent and Sales Executive to Popular Auto clients that includes autos, boats and equipment. Contributed to 500+ policy sales per month and over 2M in sales income. She received many certifications and awards for her performance for over 5 years.

Even though she was great in business and sales her passion were children. At age 28 she had her son Arian Japhet and after being in the insurance business for six years she decided to quit to be with her son. When Arian Japhet was one year old, she envision to open a Day Care Center and Preschool as she saw the need to have more affordable Day Care Centers and the need of childhood education in the Bayamón area.

With her savings and her retirement plan she bought a house and created her own Day Care Center named Bright Start Day Care & Learning Center. For 16 years, more than 100 children had a wonderful childhood experience, providing them many opportunities to have a healthy environment where they developed all their skills from infants (2 months) to Preschool (5 years).

In 2009, Dorma resume her studies in Preschool and Elementary Education but again in 2013 had to take a pause and be full time as a Director and infants care.

During Pandemic in 2020 with a lot of sadness had to close the center because of the uncertainty and difficult times in Puerto Rico. In October of that year until December, Dorma worked as a consultant for the Government of Puerto Rico in the House of Representatives with the Legislator of the 27th district Honorable Manuel O. Claudio Rodríguez. As a consultant she manage public relations, coordinated meetings for the governments commissions, agencies and their secretaries, the mayors of the south-central region of Puerto Rico and the Governor as well.

After the reopening of everything and in the middle of pandemic in 2021 and a long pause of seven years, she decided it was time to go back to school and finish her Bachelors Degree once and for all.

Actually is in her last year and works as a part time supervised studies teacher in Academia San Ignacio de Loyola in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Expecting graduation in May 2023, she married Luis A. Murphy Rivera a sports reporter in 2019 and lives in Bayamón with her husband and her son.

Dorma is a very enthusiastic and active tennis player, she loves all sports, is a Yankees baseball fan, blue belt in taekwondo, loves doing yoga, going to the gym and to the beach. She also enjoys travel, hang out with friends and family and quiet moments to read a good book.


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