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Dominick is an avid inventor and programmer (currently an undergraduate in Purdue EET) who has spent over 10 years developing innovative solutions for his clients as well as himself. He is excellent at rapid prototyping, project management, and programming. Over the years, he has developed a wide range of software applications for both PCs and smartphones. He has extensive knowledge on computer languages such as VB.NET, C++, C#, HTML, PHP, MySQL, Java, Python, and ASP. Dominick is very well known through his software applications downloaded by millions of users. Additionally, he has led teams of students in the LifeBeam Technology club and Purdue Mechatronics club to achieve extraordinary projects. He led a few teams of students in achieving first prize in the HackMizzou 2014 Hackathon and BoilerMake 2015 Hackathon. His recent startup, Makitronics, LLC. has been dedicated to address the growing technology of home automation. Dominick has spent years designing and working with wearables, IoT devices, robotics, and mechatronics. Dominick's altruistic mentality drives him to continue his discoveries and development to help others. His current contribution to the university is the BoilerDriver Initiative, which aims to connect student innovators, allows them to interact across different departments and clubs, and provides a mainstream method for them to publicize their ideas through the university and on a global scale.

BoilerDriver Initiative

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