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Diba Asadi
School (Cohort)
Middle East Technical University (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Chemical Engineering


Even though now she is sided in Ankara, Turkey and studying B.A. in Chemical Engineering in Middle East Technical University(METU), due to early constant migrations amongst Iran, Azerbaijan, and Turkey, Diba Asadi has a mixture of various cultures, languages, and experiences, making her story lively and colorful :) To spread these colors and energy, she loves to be active and make new friends, travel, learn, share, get, and most importantly move towards her goals. Also, the best way of doing all these is to be in a team and for that reason she has developed both self and team-management skills, communicational skills, and finally, empathy skills. Her passion is to be an actual citizen of this world. She wants to enjoy and at the same time get out of her comfort zone, so throughout all her life, she has been trying to keep the balance. She is a big foodie, lover of novels and music.She can play a little bit of guitar but loves to hear other people play and dance or clap :D Long story short, Diba has a message for everyone: "I want to note that we should not keep fighting but rather keep discovering and trying. Finally, one of my favorite quotes which says divided we fall, united we stand, so I believe our world has enough bad guys, actually I would prefer to call them people who have lost their paths but not bad people, because at the end of the day, everybody has a heart. So, here we are trying our best for a better world."


She has studied in SABIS Sun International School Baku and participated in many competitions such as, science fair, public speaking, and volleyball, in addition to being the head of Student Life Organization from 2018-2019.During high school, she was the elected trainee in Student Life Training Conference 2016, got second Place in SABIS STARS Science fair 2016 and was teacher assistant for Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology. Meanwhile, Diba had been an active participant of European Youth Parliament both as a delegate and organizer for about 3 years. She was elected delegate for 91st International European Youth Parliament Session in Hamburg, Germany 2019. Now she is part of Fire Up: change makers community at METU and doing her internship in SIKA, Azerbaijan Company.

Social media profiles

Instagram: diba_asd E-mail: asadidiba7@gmail.com Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/diba-asadi-a9383a1a5