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Dhruv Bhatia is an international student studying Master of Engineering at the Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada. After acquiring a Bachelor of Technology

degree in Information technology, he was interested in working on the development / testing of computer software as well as the business processes. For this he worked with the giant steel-manufacturing unit in India on SAP systems. Additionally, over here he worked on the supply chain management project aimed towards the movement of the products across 3 major plants. After working over there for a year, he decided to advance his knowledge in the respective field by opting to do a Post Graduate Diploma from C-DAC, which is a premiere institute set up by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India. To further advance his skillset he decided to go in for the Master of Engineering program at the Dalhousie University. It is over here where he got introduced and fell in love with the concept of developing and enhancing leadership and entrepreneurship within him.

At Dalhousie, Dhruv acknowledged the value of student leadership on campus primarily targeted towards creating a culture of engagement and personal growth. In order to gain a rich experience in leadership style he joined and succesfully completed DALConnects leadership certificate program. The program required some arduous work of volunteering in different organizations and societies across Halifax. This surely helped him a lot as within a time frame of just 6 months (after landing in Canada), Dhruv was able to make his mark on the university campus as he got elected as the ‘Graduate Student Senator’ in Dalhousie Student Union to represent the issues of Graduate students in front of the Senate of the Dalhousie University. With a goal of fostering the leadership and entrepreneurship skills in the students irrespective of their academic background, he is excited to be a candidate of University Innovation Fellows program.

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