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Hi Everyone!


My name is Dasha Tyshlek. I am a Engineering Science student, fashion blogger and aspiring entrepreneur at University of Virginia. Through the Engineering Science program I am combining Biomedical, Sustainability, and Chemical Engineering disciplines and take a ton of classes in the Architecture and Commerce School! I am currently working on a biomedical project to solve quality of life problems for patients with epilepsy. I plan to continue developing my idea for reducing head trauma from epileptic falls as my 4rth year engineering thesis.

At UVA I am very involved with Rodman Council, an honors engineering student council, and recently founded the Entrepreneurship chair position. I also teach and perform with the Belly Dance Club and run my own fashion blog, Dame DeStyle. I sometimes experiment with other startup ideas such as Rooms For Play, an e-commerce site for interesting children's decorations, and Biofuel Start, a non-profit helping students find biofuel education and internships.

Profile: http://universityinnovation.org/images/d/d8/DashaTyshlek.jpg

Watch my original pitch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCLUWKLn1mQ

Future Goals

Through the UVA Student Priorities I and other University Innovation Fellows from our team plan to work on developing a space for health innovation within the Hack Cville collaboration space. I will be collaborating with others on a Medical Hackathon next semester and heading up the "Lawn Innovation Invasion" project every Saturday!

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