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Daricia Wilkinson is a graduating senior majoring in Information Systems and Technology at the University of the Virgin Islands. After becoming one of

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inaugural University Innovation Fellows at her school she founded a student organization that focused on being a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and the creation of high impact ventures on campus. Daricia has partnered with students, faculty and administrators to create new initiatives that would bring innovation and entrepreneurship into the classroom and expanding the resources offered to students. With the group of fellows, she has led several events on campus and within the community has served as medium for skill development for students including coding workshops for elementary students and the first hackathon on both of the university’s campuses. One of the goals she was most passionate about was having a space available that encourages the rapid prototyping and design of ideas. The university now proudly has Innovation Centers on both of its campuses.

After graduating from UVI, Ms. Wilkinson wishes to further her studies at the graduate level. Her research interests lie at the intersection of people and technology. She endeavors to follow her passion to be an advocate and to help empower students to push boundaries and create meaningful solutions that would impact the community.