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Daniel Phonelath is a psychology major with an art history minor at James Madison University. As the son of restaurant entrepreneurs he

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was exposed to a world of creativity and innovation at an early age cultivating many interests, including music, food, business, and fashion. He grew up interacting with people as a waiter and sous chef at his parents’ restaurant, which sparked his interest in behavioral sciences.   Entering college, Daniel found that it was hard for him to encapsulate all of his interests into one degree. In many ways he felt limited and found himself switching majors to explore his true passion, finding it in psychology. His struggles empowered him to help other students explore their own passions. He now works for the psychology department as a peer advisor helping students authentically express themselves in the world of academia. As a potential University Innovation Fellow he is committed to helping students explore new possibilities outside of the classroom through entrepreneurship and collaboration.  

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