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Dallas Anderson is a University Innovation Fellow, sports enthusiast, and eager learner studying Experience Design & Management at Brigham Young University (BYU). Dallas is from Murray, Utah, but lived in the Chicago, Illinois area for two years as part of a volunteer service mission starting in 2014. While living in Chicago, he connected with mentors in the sports industry that inspired him to follow his dream to work in sports, a hobby he has enjoyed from his youth. Dallas plans to pursue an MBA from the University of Oregon with a specialization in sports business and later hopes to have a career in marketing and fan development with a team in professional sports.

Dallas is currently involved with the Sports Business Club and Experience Design Society at BYU and enjoys serving in leadership positions where he has the opportunity to plan events that bring joy to others. He enjoys spreading positive and humorous messages on social media and wants to make a difference inside and outside of his community. After being accepted into the Experience Design and Management program at BYU in summer 2018, Dallas learned of the opportunity to apply for the UIF program. His passion for lifting those around him and his desire to give back to others led Dallas to apply for the University Innovation Fellows position. He enjoys being part of an experience bigger than himself and believes his team, the first cohort of Fellows at BYU, can make a lasting impact on campus.

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