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Chloe Khoshand
School (Cohort)
University of Richmond (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Business Administration
United States of America


Chloe Khoshand is an undergraduate student at the University of Richmond. She is currently studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Art History with a concentration in Arts Management. Chloe's passion for the arts is met with her desire to give back to her community and to help those around her.

Chloe was born in Alexandria, Virginia and grew up surrounded by her Iranian culture. In addition to both Chloe's parents immigrating from Iran, she has family spanning across Canada, America, and even still Iran. Due to her parent's initial immigration to Canada, she has since gained dual citizenship and frequently visits family in Toronto, Canada. From Chloe's multicultural upbringing she gained an insight and appreciation for other cultures and diversity between individuals.

During her time in high school Chloe realized an important value of hers: giving back and working with her community. In late 2016, Chloe joined her high school's Food Pantry as a marketing volunteer. She worked closely with students, parents, and other community members in order to gather and distribute food and toiletries. Her most unique moment from this experience was to be able to meet the parents who organized the Food Pantry and see their perspective on how they give back to the community. Looking back, Chloe attributes this opportunity as one of the more pivotal ones in establishing her long term goals to work in the non-profit sector.

Currently, in addition to studying for her degree at the University of Richmond, Chloe holds two part-time jobs with her school's athletic department as a Videographer and Equipment Manager for the football team. She enjoys getting to know new people through her school and her job and particularly enjoys travelling with the football team to new states and other universities. While she maintains these two jobs on campus, she still regularly picks up shifts at her locally owned bookstore where she has worked since May 2017.

From all that she has done, and hopes to continue to do, Chloe has been most inspired and impacted by her family and those around her. She hopes to be able to use her education to continue to help others that may not have been given the same resources, opportunities, and chances. She has gained a perspective on the length that kindness, determination, and open mindedness can go and hopes to be able to employ those attributes towards her future goals!


During her time working with her high school's Food Pantry, Chloe was interviewed for her marketing work and was | awarded along with her volunteer group and the parent board for their efforts.

A personal achievement of Chloe's was being able to create and see through the distribution of one of her marketing | designs all throughout her local community.

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