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Cheryl is a student at University of New Hampshire (UNH). She majors in Computer Science and was vice president at the university's DIY Engineering Club. One of her goals at UNH is to help promote the I&E ecosystem and encourage collaboration across disciplines. She was nominated by faculty to materialize her visions of creating an innovative culture at the university, and has become an integral part of UIF since 2017.

She has a passion for thinking outside the box and an insatiable hunger to learn. This has driven her to complete several MIT IAP courses and has sought unconventional experiences such as volunteering for the Harvard China Forum and 99U. When off campus, she can be found at the Boston MFA or at hackathons like HackPrinceton or HackRU.

In her free time, she likes learning about Docker and Kubernetes, contributing to opensource, reading about philosophy, and tending to her succulents. 

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