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Chandan Akella is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate studying Electronics and Communication Engineering at Sagi Ramakrishnam

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Raju engineering college,Bhimavaram.He joined university innovation fellows program to use students in the sense his fellow peers as an effective weapon to act as an agent of change in his campus.He believes that change is inevitable be it small or big and we must be open to change.

His work at Sagi Rama krishnamraju includes starting a club which is mainly dedicated towards improving the communication skills of the students but this isnt the end.The club is a platform for young entrepreneurs to present their innovative ideas and at the same time it is a platform where you can just come and share how you are feeling right now.So the terminal goal of the club is to make sure everyone comes out of their tiny protective shells and just talk how they feel.Morever students from different majors can come at meet at a place and discuss ideas which are multidisciplinary.

His long term vision befores he graduates is to make sure that his college has enough motivation and vigour to carry on the startup ecosystem that exists in his university and thereby he wants to justify sir Jack ma's famous example of monkey and the bananas which goes like this,"If you place some money and a bunch of bananas infront of a monkey the monkey will obviously choose the bananas because the monkey doesn't know that the money can buy him more bananas.Same is the case with people ,they choose jobs over buisness because they think buisness is too risky but here's the real catch.In buisness you can thrive on profits itself".

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