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Cen Nuo is a senior engineering student in Zhejiang University, she majors in Aerospace Engineeing and minor in CKC college intensive program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I am a versatile student who has passion and ambition in different fields.

In sports, I have been taking professional Taekwondo training for more than 13 years and have won more than 16 international and national championships also personal gold medals in Taekwondo and Chinese martial art competitions. I am also a central memebr of Zhejiang University Taekwondo school team and just won two gold medals in female Poomsae and 48kg fight.

For debating, I am good at BP english debate.Although I just started to learn English debate at the fisrt year of my university, I was hard-working and have the foundation of Chinese debate. I got the national first-prize in the second year also become the captain of the university English debate team to organize the whole team. Me myself also got the first prize and best speaker in the SIT international british parliamentary English debate competition. What’ more, when I found that although BP debate is a charming, and internationally popular activity, was not so popular in my own university, the school team only accept a small number of talented students totake training, but more students are interested in it and debate itself can also help the students to became a well-rouned mature individual. So I decided to found our school’s students English debate and speech society as the first president. The society caused enthuasiatic response in our school and soon became the one of the largest society. 

For innovaiton and entrepreneurship, I have passions and I will make all my efforts to achieve them.I have a great passion about technology entrepreneurship and innovation, also established my own company in my 21 years old and strongly eager to change the world from making a change to the field that I focus on. I cooperated with three other students to invent, produce and sell the intelligent charging and receiving platform for UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle. This year, our company also focus on market of education, the technology quality-oriented education for the Chinese students, we teach them the knowledge about the robots and UAV and help them to make a UAV or robots in a week by themselves, we already have more than 400 students these three months. I also provide free class for the leftover children and poor family from the camp of 温州 to give them the chance and warmth.

For my major and study, I am a dedicated engineering student. Although everyone think that engineering is more suitable and easy for boys, I am quite clear who I am and what I want. I love engineering also good at that. So I was always the TOP 3 student in my university and got more than 26 scholarships and 16 titile of honour. However, I think tha high GPA is not enough for an engineering student since the spirit of this major is to create and practice, so I went to our school’s top laboratory researching the flexible electronic from the second year. And have 3 national patents also an first-autor paper being accepted by the top journal. After that, I also went to 2 different labs and 2 big internet company to do the research in flexible robot, ME,AI speaker that I interested in. I am also lucky to be chosen by the college then supports me to come to Harvard medical school to do the research about the artificial intelligent portable wearable medical devices and brain infrared imaging devices. However, the origin of my academic research is also about my passion, I think the biggest problem in most of the engineering academic research is that it can’s be control and commercialized, so those advanced technology can hardly facilitate human being’s life. But I want to be the person who bring change to both of the academic and technology business, to make the outcome in the lab more convenient and never waste the money from the tax payers and time of our professors.