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Cassandra Stone is a part of the Swarthmore College Class of 2020. She is a QuestBridge Scholar and a Phillip Evans Scholar studying computer science and political science. She has participated in mathematics (E. Drellich), linguistics (K. D. Harrison), and philosophy (A. Baker) academic research through the institution. On campus, she works as a Wellness Coordinator with the school's Health and Wellness department and as an admissions tour guide and info session presenter.

She is currently the Director of Outreach at Scanlon for Congress, which is Mary Gay Scanlon's campaign in Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional district. As the Director of Outreach, Cassandra works directly with marginalized communities in the district and helps connect their voices to the campaign.

Cassandra is also a freelance journalist with bylines in publications like Teen Vogue. She has her own blog that covers topics ranging from fashion to politics and has worked alongside brands like MTV, Coach, Lola, and Express.

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