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Carson Addison is a junior at Boise State University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences while working on the University’s first student-run Sustainability Report for the College of Health Sciences. Although he finds the healthcare and hospital setting interesting, prestigious, and admirable, and can truly picture a distant future there, his true passions lie with interactions and connections with people and their life experiences. He lives for the experiences that make life matter, and strives to share those experiences with his peers. This passion can be easily seen when you look at how Carson chooses to spend his time. A wide variety of extracurricular activities spanning multiple different groups of students and interests highlights his relatable personality, inquisitive nature, and passion for all things adventurous and thrilling. A certified Wilderness First Responder, Carson works in all three areas of the Outdoor Program on campus (climbing gym, rental center, and trips) and recently returned from co-leading a 7 day backpacking trip through the Grand Canyon. He competes with the Men’s Club Volleyball team and enjoys traveling to and exploring different cities and universities across the northwest more than the sport itself, although it does a fairly good job of satisfying his extremely competitive side. Greek life, playing and writing music, and having existential conversations with anyone who is willing to sit down and truly participate take up the rest of his time and complete his diverse and well-rounded picture of college life. Although unsure about what the future holds, Carson takes life as it comes to him, with the knowledge that he is prepared and strong enough to roll with the changes and make the most out of what’s been given. His immediate goals are to travel the world, working in the outdoors with people of all different cultures and backgrounds, and make the most out of life while the wanderlust is still strong. 


“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” – Mahatma Gandhi