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Carlton Reeves, PhD, is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) Research Foundation. He received both his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in Mechanical Engineering in Pittsburgh, PA as well as receiving his doctorate from UWM.

Personal Biography

Dr. Reeves studies the field of tribology, the science of friction, lubrication, and wear in mechanical contacts. His research focuses on the development of environmentally friendly lubricants that satisfy the combination of environmental, health, economic, and performance challenges of modern lubricants. More specifically, Dr. Reeves concentrates on the design and advancement of environmentally benign ionic liquid lubricants and the use of micro- and nano-scale technologies that facilitate energy conservation and sustainability in high and low temperature systems.

Beyond the rigors of academia, Dr. Reeves is highly involved in entrepreneurship and innovation. As a doctoral student, he participated in local and national business competitions, where he launched his own business Tali Payments. A cloud-based mobile payment service for the restaurant industry that is designed for high volume turnover transactions where customers can order and pre-pay for their meals from the convenience of their smartphone for faster “grab-n’-go” meal delivery without the hassle of waiting in long lines. Now, with the system developed; operational at local restaurants; and piloting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Dr. Reeves and his team are ready to scale their business up for a variety of dining markets.




University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering, May 2013      
Dissertation: “An Experimental Investigation Characterizing the Tribological Performance of Natural and Synthetic Biolubricants Composed of Carboxylates for Energy Conservation and Sustainability”,
Advisors: Tien-Chien Jen, Ph.D. and Michael R. Lovell, Ph.D.
Minor in Mathematics


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, December 2009
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, May 2009
Minor in Business Administration    

University Innovation Fellow Candidate Spring 2014
  • Campus Efforts:
    • UWM Creative Commons
    • TEDx UW-Milwaukee contributor
    • UWM I&E Pipeline Program


Green Lubrication and Tribology Laboratory, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, January 2010 - January 2012
Studied new advancedments in green lubrication technolgoies with natural and synthetic esters and the influence of nanometer and micron-sized particulate addivation

Thermal Maching Laboratory, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, January 2010 - January 2012
Developed, tested, and modeled environmneally freidnly bio-based lubricants for energy conservation and sustainability

Tribolgoy & Energy Diagnostics Lab, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, January 2010 - January 2012
Studied tribological properties and applications involving nano-powder dry lubricants and green lubrication technology

Particle Flow & Tribology Lab, Carnegie Mellon University, April 2009 – December 2009
Studied the tribological properties of filter cake accumulation in a slurry mixture in a simulated deep oil drilling filtration rig


1st Place Student Poster Symposium, ASME/STLE International Joint Tribology Conference 2012 (IJTC 2012), Denver, CO, “Tribological Performance of Environmentally Friendly Ionic Liquid Lubricants for Energy Conservation and Sustainability”

3rd Place in Top 40 National Science Foundation, 2012 ASME-International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition Student Poster Symposium, “Bio-Based Room Temperature Ionic Liquid Lubricants for Energy Conservation and Sustainability”

1st Place, UWM – College of Engineering and Applied Science, Graduate Research Poster Competition, 2012, “Natural Oil and Ionic Liquid Lubricants for Energy Conservation and Sustainability”


I am very excited to be an Innovation Fellow candidate because I am a huge proponent of innovation and entrepreuralism. I want more students in my school to think outside and focus less on finding a job after college and spend more time on making their own job after college. This is the challenge that I am ready to undertake and work with the other University Innovation Fellows from my university to solve. I want more students to take advantage of the increasing number of resources for student entrepreneurs and go after their dreams, becuase it is the students who can change the future.

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