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Camilo Villa is a University Innovation Fellow who majors in Business Administration at La Universidad de Los Andes (Uniandes). Born in 1992, he is the youngest sibling. Camilo is from Bogota, Colombia where he has lived and studied part of his life, he also lived in Medellín, Colombia and 6 months in Jacksonville, Florida.

At Uniandes, Camilo has been involved with the Finance & Investment Club Uniandes (the biggest finance club in Colombia right now), where he actually sits as the president of the organization, he has been part of Empreandes (a student organization that helps and supports entrepreneurs), for more than 3 years. In addition, he has worked three times for the University as a Teacher Assistant in a course called entrepreneurship and innovation with the teacher Rafael Vesga, were students learn the tools to develop innovative ideas and learn how to create startups with a purpose.

He has been passionate aboutinnovation and changes in the world, reason why he is involved in many causes. With abilities in Business Model Development, public speaking, and passionate about Research and Development. He specializes in Strategic Partnerships and Networking, that was his role at Empreandes and at the Finance & Investment Club Uniandes, where he has a seat on the board and now acts as the President of the organization. He also was an adviser to more than 20 startups in Empreandes. Other abilities include web development (webmaster of empreandes.com, and developer of www.ficuniandes.com). He is "a serial entrepreneur in the making" (that is how he describes himself). With 2 participations in different startup-weekends has "failed" 3 times with creating startups, which makes him today a great connoisseur of business development, and startups in general.

Also he is leading (with Catalina Jimenez Varon - Director of Social Responsibility at the Finance & Investment Club Uniandes) a financial inclusion program that has already run the Alpha version where 5 members of the club traveled to a secluded area and teached finance to Former Combatants of the guerrilla and he believes in the positive impact this project can have in the country