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Cameron niemiec is an Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student at the University of New Haven.  He is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering.  Cameron is originally from the town of Westfield, Massachusetts and attended high school at Pope Francis High School in Chicopee, Massachusetts.  There he was a member of the National Honor Society and maintained High Honors throughout his time there.

At the University of New Haven Cameron is a member of the Engineering Living Learning Community.  There he participates in multiple group activities along with the other members of the LLC.  These include team building exercises and occasionl meeting that help to build engineering and entrepeneurial mindsets.

Cameron has always had a heavy interest in engineering.  He grew up watching shows like Modern Marvels that helped to build his interest while also educating him in the field.  He was also heavily involved in baseball from a very young age.  Having started playing at age five he developed a strong drive and was very competitive.  This has become an inate part of him and has helped drive him to become an engineer.