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Brittany is a senior, pursuing a B.F.A in Creative Media and Digital Culture at Washington State University. She is actively involved in the growing Digital Technology and Culture major at her university and is soaking up every aspect of the growing industry that she can. She has facilitated multiple transmedia storytelling art shows in the CMDC’s gallery space showing the collaboration of technology and art to convey a story and a message to an audience.  The shows include October 2013's Martians with Moustaches, January 2014's Jobs That Don't Exist Yet in collaboration with her Pop Up Gallery, and February 2014's Transpoetica.  Her participation includes 3D modeling and printing, graphic art and design, web design and the use of augmented reality software to enhance an audience’s experience.

Before transferring to Washington State University, Brittany earned an A.A.S. in Interior Design in Salt Lake City, Utah. In her career she hopes to merge the power of technology with the physical space to make businesses and homes run cleaner and more sustainably. She was a founding member of the International Interior Design Association student chapter at Salt Lake Community College and has explored impact design on sustainable schools in South Africa. Other projects include design work for Habitat for Humanity in Salt Lake City and entrepreneurial work on technology infused commercial spaces.

In October of 2013 Brittany founded the first student entrepreneurial focused art group at Washington State University, Vancouver.  Her team of 6 students called the Pop Up Gallery has already caused huge changes at WSUV.  The augmented reality based presentation has shown to more than two dozen local tech companies at the Vancouver City Innovation Showcase, has taught more than 1000 students about "jobs that don't exist yet" and innovation in conjunction with UC Davis College Options and is showing at the Washington State wide research showcase in 2014.  Brittany was also awarded the Outstanding Student Education Emeritus award for her research with Pop Up Gallery and the Salmon Creek Journal Editor's choice award for the Visual Arts. 

Brittany would love to see the entrepreneurial mindset spread  through her campus with this University Fellowship. She wants to bring the power of futurism and technology together with the innovation of student design. She would love to inspire her colleagues to not just be another link the chain but to break off and make their own way.  Her work with Pop Up Gallery has already led to multiple software and hardware upgrades in the Vancouver Multimedia Center Lab for the CMDC program and has inspired the integration of technology into city wide initiatives that will be carried out in 2014.  In March of 2014 Pop Up Gallery helped launch the city wide read event #nextchapter.

Brittany was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah to a large family. Her interest in technology and innovation began at a young age while her father worked as an engineering researcher at University of Utah.