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Hello! My name is Briana Cantos and i'm a Junior Electrical Engineering student at Florida Institute of Technology. I love mentoring and helping my peers become better engineers. I'm always looking forward to collaborate with other innovators and can be contacted at bcantos2014@my.fit.edu.


Just like many other fellows, I wondered what I would get out of joining UIF. I had a friend who had previously gone through the UIF training and would always tell me how awesome UIF was and to consider applying to be a candidate. During that time, I had a full schedule trying to survive my school work and leading the IEEE student branch. My passion is to create opportunities for students to practice their technical engineering skills and networking events where employers can personally meet students.

I never considered myself a social butterfly, but by getting involved in leadership positions in different organizations like SWE and Tau Beta Pi I learned that I loved to network. By having the honor to lead the planning committee for the 2016 Engineers Week I was able to personally see how amazing it is to work on a big interdisciplinary team. The creation of the Innovation Council holds a special place in my heart because I was able to finally bring this club to life thanks to UIF and my amazing leadership circle. The purpose of the Innovation Council is to allow representatives from multiple organizations on campus to come together and personally get to know each other and have a safe place to share ideas and work on bigger projects together. One common goal, that all passionate leaders have it to help others. So instead of working alone to accomplish the same goal with the Innovation Council we can work together for a better TODAY. 

I’m thankful for becoming a UIF fellow, since I was introduced to a network of change agents and friends that share the same passion to make a difference in higher education.

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