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Briana Almonte is a University Innovation Fellow and a freshman at Binghamton University. She is majoring
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in Linguistics and aspires to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. Along with this, she considers minoring in business management in hopes to gain necessary skills in order to open her own practice someday. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Briana chose to attend Binghamton University after graduating from Uncommon Charter High School in 2016. Through her admission she joined the Entrepreneurship Learning Community on her campus and exposed to the UIF program by some of her mentors.

With her new involvement in the university’s ELC, she has worked with other peers as well as mentors in starting her own entrepreneurial ventures and learning from the journeys of others in the process.  She firmly believes in learning entrepreneurial skills and applying them in all concentrations in order to continue bettering our schools and education as a whole. She hopes to work in the office of entrepreneurship and continue her involvement with the learning community on campus.

Along with her interest in entrepreneurship, she has a vast love and passion for communication and her career path in general. She also simply enjoys the arts like singing, dancing ,and acting- all performance activities that help her with being open to learning and teaching different things.