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Brayden Cutler

Brayden Cutler is an Innovation Fellows candidate from Utah Valley University. He is currently studying Software Engineering, with an emphasis in

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Business Management. Brayden has always enjoyed being around people. Where ever he is, he loves to lift and inspire others to recognize their potential! This passion has led him to the University innovation Fellows where he is excited to help bring the excitement of experiential learning back to the school system. 

From the time Brayden was young he has always been creative, some of his hobbies are writing, and reading, and hiking. He believes that everyone should dream big, and never be afraid to follow those dreams.

"If you can dream it... you can do it."

-Walt Disney

He would agree that the imagination that we are all inherently born with is "schooled" out of us. But he is constantly working towards keeping imagination and creativity with us through out our college careers, and the rest of our lives! 

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