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Brandi Temple is a 2015 University Innovation Fellow candidate. She is currently a senior Biology major at Xavier University of Louisiana, and has hopes of

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graduating and attending an MD/PhD program. She conducts research in two separate labs on campus. One project involves examining the molecular mechanism of the novel Bcl-2 inhibitor of transcription 1 (Bit1) apoptotic pathway of normal bronchial epithelial and lung cancer cells with the use of modern molecular and cellular assays. The second project is studying and manipulating the permeability of fenretinide, a drug used in chemoprevention, across cell membranes to hopefully increase its absorption in the intestinal tract. Her ultimate goal, after completing an MD/PhD program, is to become a Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist and go into drug design and development for hematologic cancers. Her purpose for applying to become a fellow is based almost entirely on the lack of an innovative environment on her school's campus. She hopes that after this training she will gain the proper tools to help students discover how they can be innovative in their future careers, regardless of what that may be. Everyone deserves the tools to create something; some times you just have to be the one to open their minds to it. 

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