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BaileyJeanWalkerUIFprofile.pngService. Community. Passion. Focus. These four words define the determination and personality of Bailey- Jean. As a young volunteer at Trident Medical center her experiences submerged her in a medical arena assisting in Tri-Country Physicals and Clinics. The charisma and dedication afforded Bailey-Jean the opportunity to shadow various physicians in the operating room and in their practice. It was through these experiences that she gained the inspiration and determination to continue her efforts in the medical community, through service and education. Bailey-Jean's decision to pursue bioengineering was seen as a natural path rather than fostering an obvious choice. As an extensive traveler throughout both Europe and parts of Asia, she has experienced many cultures and recognized the varying difference in medical practice and accessibility including research in nanoparticle drug delivery at Nanyang Technological University, revered as the "MIT of the western world". With continued practice and education she hopes to raise global awareness of diminished medical availability as well as work to improve the quality of life in her community. As part of her work as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant she found a second passion in innovative education. She has developed and helped implement a unique workshop in the Engineering department targeted at fostering team building activities, design process thinking and most importantly inspiration in the students respective fields of study. She hopes to continue to drive innovative thinking within the freshman engineering classes and eliminate the well know sequestering of majors found so commonly among all universities with participation in the UIF program. There is no other opportunity that affords such growth and fulfillment than that in which we give ourselves to make the world a better place.

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