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Ayesha Zahid is a student of Abu Dhabi University studying Bachelors of Architecture. She is highly interested in moulding ways of learning


throughintroducing innovation. In her fourth year she became a University Innovation Fellow.

Ayesha is not just highly focused in her academics but is an active participant in extra curriculars. She has volunteered numerous times for events like Science Fairs, Culture Days etc.  Also, she has participated in various competitions like Undergraduate Research Competition in UAE, Saint-Gobain’s Multi-comfort housing, Pavilion design competitions and so on. Ayesha has also done a lot of research work based on her major in collaboration with her peers and her professors. One of her notable works is also posted on websites like the research gate.

Ayesha is not just hardworking when it comes to her academia and university life, but she is also a fun-loving person. Among her hobbies is reading books, drawing, photography, travelling and visiting coffeeshops. Ayesha has travelled ever since her childhood and has an appreciation for different cultures. Her love for new things and places is apparent in her highly interesting Instagram account. In her free time Ayesha is often found reading or working in coffeeshops.

In her four years at the university, Ayesha has seen enough learning and met enough people to understand the ways in which her university ecosystem works. At this point she and her team are a strong asset in strengthening the innovation culture at her university.