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Ashmi is a senior at the University of Maryland currently training to become a University Innovation Fellow. She is a first generation American, born and raised in Maryland; the story of her parents immigrating to the U.S. with only $17 motivates her. On her bucket list, Ashmi wants to graduate with two degrees by the time she is 20. Currently, she is fulfilling her wish and earning a dual-degree in Finance, and Government & Politics while studying entrepreneurship at UMD's Honors College.

By concentrating on real estate finance, slum development policy, and sustainability, Ashmi's vision is to make urban investments for innovative educational facilities in low-income areas. To pursue her vision, Ashmi strives to build a strong foundation that caters
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to her interests.

Ashmi has been active on campus. She was President of the Indian Students' Association, Ashoka TerpChangemakers, and the Undergraduate Consulting Society. She also works at The Smith Store and as a Teaching Assistant for Social Innovation Fellows. Her greatest priority in college was to learn how to lead while understanding her capacity, thus she complemented her clubs and jobs with internships at the MD State Government, Fannie Mae, and PwC. Her focuses are evident in minority communities that face adversity, entrepreneurship, consulting and education.

As an Innovation Fellow, Ashmi seeks to receive guidance and structure on how to adapt to her newest leadership roles. As Chair of the Dean's Student Advisory Council, she will guide her Dean on how to make the Behavioral and Social Sciences College more entrepreneurial. As a staff member at the Center of Social Value Creation, she will have input into a 600 person event for the AshokaU Exchange.

Upon graduation, Ashmi may potentially work in the Real Estate Group at PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City. She will pursue a Masters degree in Public Policy and get her MBA in the near future. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, biking, reading, and asking big questions.

Ashmi seeks to inspire and encourage others through innovation and positivity.