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My name is Ash Hunt and I’m currently a sophomore at Menlo College, a business school in Silicon Valley, where I'm studying both Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, I got interested in Business through the multiple leadership positions that I took on before attending Menlo College, such as my involvement in Girl Scouts of America and my growing interest in Fashion Design.

So ever since 2014 I’ve been designing and making my own clothing and since the summer of  http://universityinnovation.org/images/b/bc/IMG_20180110_183047.jpg 2015, I’ve been selling my clothing to multiple buyers. From 2013 to 2016 I also attended SoCal ROC, a trade school, where I took Fashion Design classes and earned certificates in Tailoring, Advanced Tailoring, Design Assisting and Fashion Show Producing.

And throug

h all my 

experience in the fashion design field, I decided to attend business college so that I could prepare myself by learning the business side of fashion, in order to fulfill my goal of being a fashion company owner.