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Hailing from the great state of Maryland, Arnab Sarker is a third year medical student and business student at the UVA School of Medicine and Darden School of Business. He writes/thinks/breathes about how policy, technology, and medicine can work together to keep people healthy. He is a recognized student champion of entrepreneurship and innovation at the School of Medicine, and is currently serving as the student chair of the Human-Centered Design and Innovation Curriculum. 

He is currently an independent consultant, advising healthcare focused tech companies, and also a regular health columnist for 1776 Insights. He is the former Director of Operations of K Street Capital and member of the founding team of 1776 DC. Prior, he was a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting LLP and the MITRE Center for Transforming Health, focusing on Meaningful Use policy and large electronic health record implementations. 

Arnab received his undergraduate degree magna cum laude in the Biology of Global Health from Georgetown University. When he is not at the hospital or reading young adult fiction books, he can likely be found at a Bhangra-related event. Or a Taylor Swift concert. Or both.

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