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Ariel is an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware studying Biomedical Engineering.

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She is passionate about improving people’s lives through technology. Ariel has previously participated in research in understanding nanoparticle uptake in glioblastoma cancer cells. She currently is involved in a lab that focuses on optimizing Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) which is used to quantitatively assess the mechanical properties of tissue. She also is a part of Ambassadors of Biomedical Engineering, a student group which promotes the department to prospective students and families. 

Ariel is also involved with Horn Entrepreneurship. She is a Delaware Innovation Fellow as well as a Horn Ambassador. As a part of the coursework for her minor, Ariel had the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain and assist in the development of a marketing strategy for a medical device startup.

 Additionally, Ariel is a Munson Fellow, a peer mentor for first year students in the Honors Program. In her free time, Ariel enjoys practicing figure skating and traveling.

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