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Antonia Nuzzolo is a University of Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate at Rowan University. She is currently a junior with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Marketing with a concentration in honors. She is very involved in the Rohrer College of Business. Antonia is the Vice President of Membership for the Collegiate Entrepreneur's Organization, the Society for the Advancement of Managers, and the American Marketing Association. She loves meeting new people who want to get involved and enjoys mentoring them and teaching them how to be leaders. Her roles in these clubs include gaining new members, gathering data about the members, publicizing the events, and acting as a liaison between clubs when they collaborate. Another important role she plays on campus is her involvement as a member of the Screening Committee for the Rowan Innovation Venture Fund. This is a $5 million fund directed by Howard Lubert, the founder of Keiretsu Forum, a global angel investor network with more than 2500 accredited investor members throughout 46 chapters on 3 continents. She is one of the first students to be a member on the board. Antonia also started with her best friend the Honors Book Group which meets biweekly to discuss assigned books. This month the group is reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

Antonia has a vested interest in spreading entrepreneurship and innovation on Rowan's campus. She works with her fellow UIF teammates, Hatch House Ventures (a new entrepreneurship program in the business school), and influential faculty at Rowan to identify problems and discover solutions. One of the most important problems she wants to fix on campus is the lack of women in entrepreneurship. Ever since her start at college, she has noticed the prevalence of men being the majority in classes. She thinks there lies an opportunity at Rowan to encourage more women to take business and entrepreneurship classes. This is one of the problems she aims to improve during her time at Rowan.

Antonia is thrilled to be a part of the University of Innovation Fellowship program. She has grown immensely and learned so much about design thinking and problem-solving. She loves and works well with her teammates Brandon Graham, Kayla Callaway, and Melody Tashjian. She is excited to change Rowan's campus for the better next semester with the UIF project.