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Anna is a University Innovation Fellow and studies Marketing and Design at Lancaster University in the UK. Together with 2 fellow students, they are the first University Innovation Fellows on campus and even the whole UK. Anna´s aim is to increase student understanding of what resources are available on campus and to ensure that every student knows where they can get help and support. The six-week training to become a Fellow equipped her with the skills and knowledge needed to make a lasting change on campus and impact students´ lives. In her free time, Anna enjoys expressing her creative side through art and photography. This creativity will be of big help in her mission to be a change agent on campus and engaging students as she believes that innovation, entrepreneurship and design thinking is valuable for everyone. Driven by curiosity and creativity, Anna loves to meet new people and get to know about different lifestyles by exploring the world. She likes working with and coaching other people, like tutoring students and helping to organise the yearly summer camp at her local church. Having played football for many years now, Anna proves that she is very ambitious and understands how important it is to work well together as a team.

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