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Angela Liu is a University Innovation Fellow from the Spring 2015 Cohort.

Hello! I'm Angela, a Third Year at Jefferson's beautiful University of Virginia. I am exploring my interests at the intersection of biomedical science, public health, policy, and innovation, while pursuing a biomedical engineering degree with a business and leadership minor. I have found that the most fulfilling way to give back to my University is to promote innovation and empowerment within my fellow peers. My classmates are wonderful and I believe that they can (and will, with some helpful encouragement) do incredible things! I see the institutional and social structure of UVa as many large circles, and I want to pull those circles closer together and increase the intersecting spaces between them.

In my University community, I lead Engineering Students without Borders, which has been incredibly rewarding. ESWB currently supports 4 international and 10 local projects, allowing 100+ students to apply their classroom learned skills to the greater communities. I have also played a role with creating Health Unbound which a fellow UIF founded to fill the underrecognized niche of healthcare innovation. We believe Charlottesville can be the next dynamic, thriving hub for health-centered creation! I play for UVa's club volleyball team, where I've met the most amazing girls and found a loving and dear family. On this note, I'm excited to meet fellow fellows (ha!) and build our own lovable group.

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