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Andrew Klapac is a University Innovation Fellow at Youngstown State University. Andrew is among the first group of students to do this program at his school. He is studying Accounting and is a sophomore. Andrew is from Austintown, Ohio (a suburb of Youngstown, Ohio), and commutes to school each day. When he was younger, he attended Austintown Fitch High School. Andrew heard about the University Innovation Fellows program from a professor named Marsha Huber, who is very involved with design thinking.

At Youngstown State University, Andrew is the President of his schools’ chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants. He became the President of that organization when he was a Freshman. Andrew has also been involved in helping the community by volunteering at Junior Achievements’, JA In a Day program, where students in college go into an inner city school and teach sixth graders economics. He also participated in Youngstown State University’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program where they prepared tax returns for lower income individuals in the surrounding area. Outside of the classroom, Andrew enjoys playing golf, fishing, and hunting in his spare time.

When Andrew Klapac was young, he was fascinated by the idea of entrepreneurship but never got involved with it until he started doing the University Innovation Fellows program. In this program, the world of design thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship came to light for him. Now Andrew is working with three other University Innovation Fellows on campus to promote a culture of design thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship that is still in the early developmental stages.

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