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Hello everyone!! 

Ana Hertz is an University Innovation Fellow who is working at her university to spread awareness about innovation spaces available to University of Iowa students. Ana is working with Epicenter leaders at Stanford University and VentureWell (formerly NCIIA) to give all students the chance to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. She is a sophomore studying biomedical engineering with a pre-med focus and is passionate about playing and watching sports (She's been on ESPN multiple times during Iowa basketball games!). While her education is her first priority, she is involved in a wide variety of campus groups that help grow both skills needed for her major and also life. When she's not studying, tutoring, or volunteering, Ana enjoys playing on an intramural women's basketball team, watching movies with friends, and trying out new restaurants in downtown Iowa City. Ana sets her goals high and challenges herself to learn about new cultures and their needs. She believes there is a collaborative effort that needs to be established between engineers, business people, and students in the fine arts in order to inflict lasting change in a wide variety of areas: healthcare, communication, and technology. As a biomedical engineer, she is learning how medicine and engineering coincide, resulting in a multitude of advancements through collaboration, which she hopes to expand to more facets of society.

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