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Amannda Huot is a second year student of Industrial Design student at the University of Canberra. As a budding Industrial Designer, her passions for both design, sustainability and sociology meld together as one. Amannda has grown up in Canberra most of her life, for which she has thrived upon it’s young nature and the possibilities of innovative advancement. 

As a first-year she campaigned ‘UC Eco-Week’ a student initiated project, for which she led an awareness campaign which was grounded in the importance of on-campus sustainability at the University of Canberra. It’s purpose of engaging the student community was achieved, acting as a catalyst for future, greater initiatives. 

Persistence, perseverance and a willingness to learn and engage in the creative process is something which she continuously strives for. As a 2nd generation Australian, of Cambodian heritage her parents have instilled in her how fortunate she is too live in the ‘lucky’ country and land of opportunity. As a life goal, she endeavours to bring about transformative change back to developing south-east asian countries.  Amannda will always be a student of life, constantly seeking new perspectives and opportunities for improved social equality.