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Amanda Arango is a University Innovation Fellow attending the University of New Haven, in the Fast Track program, majoring in Marketing with minor in Behavoiral Economics. Since coming to the University of New Haven she has gained various opportunities to thrive on campus. She has particpated in 2 StartUp weekends where she recieved training in Design Thinking and Crossfunction team leadership.

Amanda has become quite involved on campus and has been able to gain leadership roles in various clubs and organizations such as becoming the business liaison for the college of business, a House Representative for Undergraduate Student Government, a Residential Assistant, a member of the Student Advisroy Board, Photo editor for the school newspaper, and is Sunshine Chair for Phi Sigma Sigma. Currently she works on campus in the Student Success Center providing assistance to students so that they can be most successful during their time at University of New Haven. Through attending this University she has also formed great relationships with other students and faculty that have given her the chance to network on a greater scale and has recieved so many opportunities to really succeed and thrive at this school.

A little about me is I am an avid reader, I can sit and read for days on end and be happy. I love nature and doing really anything outdoors. I love taking adventures and traveling and hope to visit the 7 wonders of the world one day. I love to bake, sing, craft, and play sports, especially Ultimate Frisbee! Most of all though I am very passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship and hope to own my own coffee shop one day, as well as various non for profits because I feel with any riches we recieve in this life, tangible or intangible, it is important to give back to those who need it most because society should be a better place for all of us to live. Not only this but if we are not using our minds and creations to better the world we will never feel fullfillment.