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Who am I? This question might seem one of the simplest questions. There also simple answers. I am a human. I am a female. I am 5’2. But asking the question “Who am I?” needs to go farther than what can be seen, beyond the surface level. “Who am I?” may be one of the toughest questions you may ask yourself, and the answer to it might be that much more tougher realizing and hearing. People may say they are competitive and determined, but those two things help define my life. That's what makes me passionate and driven. I am involved in so much, but I am passionate about it all. In all aspects of my life I strived to do above my very best.I always am looking going far beyond peoples expectations. I must say I like attention, but to get my attention I try to make people proud of me or impressed by me. I often feel like I have failed when the person next to me has done just as well as me or better. This all contributes to my creativity, my innovativeness, and my thinking in general.

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