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Alejandro Ramirez de Arellano is an Innovation Fellow at Bucknell University, working to expand the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem on campus. As a Junior at Bucknell University, Alejandro is currently pursuing a five-year dual degree program in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management.  Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Alejandro uses his proficiency in English, Spanish, and French to attempt to tackle present-day issues from underrepresented points of view.

At Bucknell, his passion for an all-encompassing education across disciplines has led him to co-found the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Affinity Housing Program (E&I) in 2013. As a residentially based program, E&I promotes multidisciplinary interaction that encourages students to discover and create beyond the walls of the classroom, helping them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Alejandro has taken his passion for entrepreneurship beyond campus by successfully starting an automotive restyling company in Houston, Texas.  In addition, Alejandro is now working on a start-up after placing second in Bucknell University's "BizPitch14" business pitch competition.

Alejandro enjoys many hobbies, including playing the trumpet, wakeboarding, snowboarding, woodworking, and autocross racing. He is driven by the importance of both self-motivation and failure, and is fascinated by the ability to learn about so many of lifes opportunites and challenges on a daily basis.

Looking forward to his professional career, Alejandro hopes to manage a cross-disciplinary team of innovative, analytical, and driven individuals.

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Please feel free to contact Alejandro via email at arda001@bucknell.edu 

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