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Alec Ledoux is a Senior at California State University, Northridge. Utilizing the education of ​both a Marketing and Finance degree,
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Alec is able to quantitatively and qualitatively assess and confront any business-related obstacle. From completely re-developing a consulting firm's corporate strategy as a Business Development Intern to winning an $8,000 Harvard Business Review Case Competition, Alec has authenticated his ability to analyze and solve undefined problems. Alec's prodigious appetite for challenge has led him to pursue a career within the field of management consulting. During his free time, Alec can be found hiking, playing pool, or throwing a Frisbee. Aside from physical activity, Alec's favorite pastime is contemplating the feasibility of start-up business ideas. To join the fun, contact alec.ledoux.545@my.csun.edu.

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