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Alberto (Berto) as a child was always interested in how things worked and what made them function. He 

would take apart almost anything at his reach to either attempt to fix it or examine its components until he fully understood how it
worked. This curiosity eventually got him into some trouble when he started to take apart the family's DVD player. Later on in his life just knowing how something functioned was not sufficient, so he started creating new products from the things he would take apart. This curiosity and problem solving skill followed him into his high school career and as a sophomore he decided he wanted to tackle a nationwide epidemic that was affecting many football athletes; concussions. With more than two years of research and design, as a senior he competed in the 2015 International Intel Science and Engineering Fair with his concussion reducing system; where he placed third out of over 1800 other competitors from around the world. His system is currently patent pending, but he continues to constantly work and improve on it in hopes that it could someday be used to not only save the lives of current football players but also the sport that everyone has grown to know and love. On his free time he enjoys to spend time with his family, play sports and read up on new technological advancements.

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