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My name is Aaron Phu, a graduate student at Parks College, Saint Louis University pursuing mechanical and aerospace engineering. I like the idea of new


technology helping human beings' live to either solve a problem or improving the condition of life around the world, especially at places where resources are limited. Thus, I like to help contribute in this mission by being an innovative thinker, so that I can come up with innovative solutions to make it happen. I am grateful that my institution and organization like UIF at Epicenter are supporting this mission to allow us to embark on this mission. My passion is to apply my engineering knowledge in conjunction with the entreprenuerial mindset to form innovative ideas which will ultimately produce a product or service that will improve an existing condition of a program or turn into solution to our problems.

The project I am proposing for the UIF program is to develop an annual idea competition day, called “SLU iDea Competition Day”. The program will be held in one day where students from across campus (including our medical campus) will come to pitch either a new or existing idea that they think can solve a problem in our daily lives. The problem scope can be worldwide as well as local to someone’s daily life. This program would be ran at the university level where the university’s administrators and faculties will be encouraged to participate in promoting the event to their students. The top ten ideas will be chosen at the end of the competition and rewarded with monetary prizes to encourage the students to pursue it or keep on innovating until they can find the best idea that they like to work with. This will provide a huge motivate to students from different discipline to think creatively and at the same incorporating the entrepreneurial mindset into their thought process. Given the program will be success, the school will also benefit from its outcomes by having a good reputation and potentially attract more prospective students in the long run.

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