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Oğuzhan Aygören.png

Title: Assistant Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Director of the Entrepreneurship Center

Department: International Trade

Institution: Boğaziçi University

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Bogazici University. Director of the Entrepreneurship Center and the coordinator of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at Bogazici University. Board member at Technopark and LifeLong Learning Center. TV host and producer for the program "Entrepreneurship World" at BloombergHT.

Previously at San Francisco Bay Area for the 2014-2015 semester as a Visiting Research Scholar at UC Berkeley and a visiting researcher at Stanford University in the 2016 summer. Research interests include value creation at startups, how corporations can become more innovative, digital marketing, consumer choice behavior and voting behavior.

Researcher, thinker, analyzer, moderator, innovator, entrepreneur.

Teaching classes on Marketing, New Product Design, E-commerce, and Entrepreneurship.

His work appeared in respected academic journals. He has presented his studies in international conferences such as ACR, AMA, AMS, APSA, USASBE and WOIC in various countries.