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Erin Yenney is a native of Troy, Ohio and currently a graduate student working towards her Masters in Industrial Engineering at the University of

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Louisville. She just recently completed four years as a student athlete and two years as Captain playing soccer for the University of Louisville, creating a club called Student Athletes Taking Action, and balancing her life as an athlete, engineer, and activist for humanitarian efforts, peace building, and volunteerism. She is a lover of God, traveling, exploring, being exposed to new cultures and breaking down barriers of all types. She enjoys reading, cooking, singing, dancing, and anything where her mind can be challenged or she can try something new! She is very passionate about education – and giving all children the opportunity to learn and grow the same way she has that has allowed her to love life and all it has to offer. She is working on a Master’s project with a local non-profit to innovate safe water technologies and has a goal to bring together her engineering background with her strong desire to help people both locally and globally.

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