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Getting started

  • Understanding the Wiki
  • Guidelines for usage (Wiki-markup)
  • Do's and dont's
  • Create your "Fellow" page[1]


  • Universities — Grassroots views of innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and design thinking in higher education ecosystems
  • “How To” Strategies — Student-led strategies to enhance these ecosystems on campus
  • Resources — Organizations supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and design thinking
  • Student Contributors — Student leaders working to create and enhance vibrant higher education ecosystems
  • Student Priorities — Student leaders’ recommended strategies and plans for their campuses

  1. Please use this link only if you belong Fall 2019 cohort or prior, and would like to revamp your page in line with the new design. If you are a part of cohorts from 2020 or later, please do it through your Training namespace"