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BBA, Social Psychology and Business Law - Universidad de los Andes  |  Volunteer - Foundation Women for Colombia  |  Cofounder and President - Uniandes WIB |  Campus Ambassador Leader - HUWIB  |  UIF Candidate - Stanford       

Camila Buenaventura Marquez was born in 1995 in Bogota, Colombia. A passion spreader who defines herself as a powerful woman who empowers women. Camila is a business administration student who is minoring in business law and in social psychology at Universidad de los Andes. In 2016 she cofounded the Women in Business club at Universidad de los Andes, which was a new concept in Colombia. She is also a Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Campus Ambassador Leader for her University. As the standing president of Uniandes WIB Camila aims to reinforce her networking skills and she also is determined to have a positive impact in the lifes of women both in her university and her country through experiences so they can asume diferent leadership positions.

Email: camila.buenamar@gmail.com 

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