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Ways for students to connect virtually

Many higher education institutions were forced to move their classes online due to the pandemic. This also means that the majority of students' social interactions are now limited to the virtual world.

We've asked you to find new ways that your school has created for students to connect with one another remotely.

Add what you've found here!

Elizabeth City State University Online Programs

Jothornton207 (talkcontribs)
Elizabeth City State University has helped students connect virtually through the use of various software programs. We use Blackboard and Zoom for academic and campus-based events, but ECSU has also held virtual art classes, fitness classes, and virtual tours of the campus. This helped students stay socially engaged on campus. ECS created a social platform for students to interact and promote their events and businesses on campus called Vikings Engage.

North Carolina Central University

Cglawson89 (talkcontribs)

At North Carolina Central University, they have came up with a couple ways for us to interact virtually being that we are limited with coming on campus. In addition to transitioning most classes to an online platform, which we use Blackboard, Zoom and WebEx. We also use a social platform called Slack. Slack is similar to a instant messenger and is amazing to use for communication. Also through the CARES act, the school has now been providing laptops and other equipment.

Tennessee State University

Wynellgilbert (talkcontribs)

TSU uses Elearning as a learning platform which connects students and faculty. Students have the opportunity to access assignments, resources, links, connect with their professors, etc.

Elizabeth City State University Online Platforms

Kristenbannerman452 (talkcontribs)

Elizabeth City State University uses Blackboard as a primary online source for students. Here students can access assignments, resources, links, and announcements for their classes.

Elizabeth City State University Online Platforms

Dlgarza418 (talkcontribs)

ECSU has used campus wide emails to keep students, faculty, and staff connected with the virtual world. We as a university also have a app called Vikings Engage that students use to connect with each other, community tab forums for campu wide interactions, resource easy links, campus maps, and even calendar of events occuring on campus on the app.

Spelman College Online Platforms

Savannaha906 (talkcontribs)

Spelman College has used Zoom and campus-wide emails to connect their students with remote internship, career, and academic opportunities. Students utilized GroupMe throughout the pandemic to be connected and to share announcements and updates quickly.

Virginia State University Online Platforms

Ifre3976 (talkcontribs)

At Virginia State University, our main platform is Blackboard, where we can view all assignments, tests, course materials, and discussion boards. We use Zoom for any online synchronous or Hy-flex courses, and some classes use GroupMe for quick announcements, updates, or for communication between students.

Santa Monica College Online Platforms

Zoemar1997 (talkcontribs)

At SMC we use Canvas as our main platform for class resources, assignments, discussions, etc. Students are able to engage in online discussions via canvas for all of their individual classes. Professors are able to give student kudos to compliment students efforts in class. The most recent tool is a chat function on canvas for professors to talk directly to students like slack. Otherwise some professors use slack channels, zoom, office hours via zoom, etc. to engage with students.

Migluc36 (talkcontribs)

Agreed! SMC utilizes a bunch of group chats for direct communication with students. I fount the SMC Go App to be another way to connect. It offer students information about the campus. An ai named pearl who answers most questions or directs you to the appropriate webpage. Theres even a marketplace for students to sell their books. Its a great tool that fosters community and provides a bunch of information.

Irririvera (talkcontribs)

At Santa Monica College the faculty has really tried extensively to find ways to connect with students and students connect with one another. For instance, our college has a discord channel called Santa Monica College Community in which students can share daily inspiration content like funny memes, quotes or photos of our pets. We also have remote viewing parties. As for faculty and student communication Canvas just launched Pronto which essentially is an instant chat messenger. The messages are seen by everyone in the class.

James Madison University Virtual Communication

Grantwhitlow16 (talkcontribs)

As JMU has gone in-person this semester, the need for zoom and other videoconferencing tools has diminished but is not zero. I anticipate this new hybrid education and work style to remain for the foreseeable future. Although This technology is not ideal, it has proven to change some aspects of education for the better. Although my classes are in-person, tools such as slack and canvas have allowed for better teacher-student communication and scheduling.

James Madison University

Joaquindelacruz0208 (talkcontribs)

Although JMU is fully in-person this year, the main ways the university is facilitating online learning is through Canvas and Zoom/WebEx. Canvas allows us to keep track of our assignments while Zoom/WebEx allows us to attend (some, if the professor decides to have a virtual room open) classes virtually. But, the main ways that students communicate to each other about the campus is through school specific Instagram accounts like @jmumissedconnections, GroupMe for specific clubs or classes, and text threads.