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Overview: York College has the possibly to become an institution that fosters design thinking and innovation. To do this will be a lot of work, but it is possible. The faculty here care about their students and want to hear their opinions and ideas. Well here they are! Described on this page is the Three-Phased plan to turn YCP better campus. A better campus is one where we collaborate with each other, learn more about design thinking and innovation, and all have access to resources that will make us better professionals.

Phase 1: Create Design Thinking Courses

During our experience interviewing freshmen, many of them expressed in design thinking and innovation and entrepreneurship classes. Unfortunately, many of them were unsure of their ability in the field, or didn’t consider themselves creative enough to be a part of entrepreneurship avenues on campus. To remedy this issue we would create design thinking courses on campus. "Design Thinking I" would fulfil a Gen-Ed requirement, potentially Humanitites, Quantitative Fluency, or Arts. It would focus on using design thinking methods to solve a problem on campus. It would be taught similiarly to how "Entreuprenurial Thinking" was taught. "Design Thinking II" would build upon the concepts of "Design Thinking I" to solve a larger problem in the York community. It would be highly encouraged to take "Design Thinking I" before "Design Thinking II". "Design Thinking II" would be the starting point for part II of Phase I, creating custom constellations.

A constellation is a group of 4 classes from a minimum of 3 disciplines. Students could choose these classes that comprise the constellation, allowing for greater flexibility within the discipline. "Design Thinking II" would be required for this custom constellation, and the ideals taught in the class would lend itself to the general theme of the constellation.         

Phase 2: Graham Innovation Zone

The Graham Innovation Zone (GIZ) is currently under construction and only availible to Graham Scholars, but we see this as a stepping stone in the innovation culture at York College. We intend to use the space to work closely with the Design Thinking classes to further their education. Within the space we can hold specialized classes, workshops, and events to bolster the innovation reputation at York College. This space can also be used as a collaborative zone for other group on campus such as FYS Fellows, RA's, or other students leaders. Working with other student leaders is the final phase of our plan, to create the Center for Collaborative Innovation.

Phase 3: The Center for Collaborative Engagement

This proposed organization aims to "break down silos within the college's five schools." The goal is to create an organization focused on interdisciplinary collaboration. The Center for Academic Innovation, Center for Community Engagement, Library Technology Services, Leadership Development Center, and the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship would all be brought together to collaborate on ideas to improve the campus. They would have free use of the GIZ. This organizational interdependence can also create a collaborative climate for other groups on campus. We believe the school will have better results the more different campus organizations work together, and this programs aims to create that mentality. 

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