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Promoting Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

York College of PA offers various experiential courses. It starts the first semester with the First Year Seminar (FYS) class. This course serves as a hands on jump start for the students’ college careers such as Entrepreneurial Thinking. The constellation program builds off of this first class. This is York’s general education program and provides specific areas of study such as Sustainability but with a multidisciplinary curriculum. The Kinsley Engineering center serves as a place for product or technology development. The labs are only available to engineers. There is a makerspace being built by the Graham Innovation Scholars to promote innovation and entrepreneurship outside of the engineering center. The Graham Scholars also have created a student business to promote the entrepreneurship effort the program intends to accomplish. The engineering programs at York require three co-op semesters to graduate emphasizing entrepreneurship and business. The art department offers partnerships with the college’s art studio, Marketview Arts. Student art gets put on display and allows art students to explore the spirit of entrepreneurship in their field. Nursing students partner with local hospitals to gain hands on experience during their clinicals.

Encouraging Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Teaching and Learning at York College awards grants for faculty to provide them with opportunities to receive funding for resources towards developing innovative pedagogies. Grants from this center will allow all applicable faculty to test new teaching strategies, support student learning outcomes, replicate results in multiple disciplines, and enhance faculty understanding across all departments of new teaching methods. These grants are awarded for twice a year. The faculty proposals must include a problem that needs fixing, the method of innovative teaching, the expected impact of the program, and the evaluation of the program. The grants could be used to purchase and teach new technology or sponsor workshops or guest speakers. Previous grants have been awarded to faculty to fund Poverty Simulations to sensitize participants to uncomfortable situations. Our grant program is the most prominent and successful faculty funding program on campus.  

Actively Supporting the University Technology Transfer Function

Tech transfer is not available at York College.

Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration

York College of PA has an engineering co-op program with many business partnerships. These include and are not limited to: Johnson Controls, Voith Hydro, and Harley Davidson.  In addition to engineering, industry contacts exist for nursing majors who do clinicals. For those majors which are not specified, the Alumni Relations Office and many schools have contacts in various industries.

In the engineering department, there are many adjunct professors who work in the industry as optics engineering, consulting engineerings, etc. In nursing, many classes are taught by local nurse practitioners.

Engaging with Regional and Local Economic Development Efforts

York College of Pennsylvania has multiple programs and departments that relate to the continuous furthering of innovation in the market. First, the Kinsley Engineering Center. This falls in the engineering department and is filled with machinery that allow engineers to explore and tinker, for example, there are multiple oscilloscopes and a tensile tester. The Stabler Department of Nursing has cutting edge simulation labs that mirror hospital facilities as nurses would see them in the work force. Also, the J.D. Brown Wet lab space that is in the city of York owned by the college and is a space for anyone to use as a start-up business space. The Graham Innovation Scholars is an application based program that helps accepted students mentor students to utilize innovation and entrepreneurial skill sets. The campus counseling services are available free to any student that attends York College. Counseling services include; one on one counseling, group counseling, referrals to local resources, all at no  additional cost. There is also a Career Development center that works one on one to polish resumes, host networking events on campus, does mock interviews, real interviews, as well as mini internship fairs and career planning workshops. This is a resource for all students attending York College to utilize at no additional cost.  

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