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Pravallika Modugula

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Pravallika Modugula is an undergraduate in JNTU College Of Engineering,Kakinada,India.She is diligent & adept at
various fields. She maintains amicable relations, which allows her to lead a team in an efficient way. She has great
communication skills. She is an astute person with self-confidence.She is extremely smart and industrious. Her work has always been very systematic and organized and of very high quality. Her commitment and dedication drive her to the limit, where many sleepless nights are spent in meeting the strict deadlines of the project work.She imbibes excellent presentation and interpersonal skillsand is always ready to grab opportunities to prove herself extraordinary. She is an all-rounder and is ready to face challenges with courage and shoulder the responsibilities in social service and technical events.Ms.Pravallika Modugula, keeps herself abreast with the latest technological developments and has a flair for research. She will be an asset to the university with her pleasant and gregarious personality combined with her studious and intelligent nature. These qualities coupled with creativity and imagination makes her an excellent candidate. 

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