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Mary Mcgee

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Mary McGee is a sophomore studying Psychology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She is the founder of the grassroots organization the United Nations Association RSO, which is a humanitarian organization focusing on educating and supporting local and global communities. In addition, Mary is the treasurer of LifeSavers, an organization focused on peer support and suicide prevention. Some of her passions are giving back to the community and supporting her peers--she volunteers at the food pantry on campus and is hoping to start volunteering as a Rape Crisis Counselor in the Spring of 2017. In addition, she is an Academic Peer Advocate at Southern Illinois University, where she focuses on mentoring and encouraging residents in the residence halls to achieve their absolute best in school. Mary plans to graduate in the Spring of 2018 with a Bachelors of the Arts in Psychology. After that, Mary hopes to attend the University of Michigan and participate in their 4 year Masters of Social Work program, where she will spend two years in the Peace Corps helping develop healthy communities and then two years completing her MSW.

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