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Elements of Innovation and Entrepreneurship can be found in some courses undertaken by students. Apart from subjects related to their core branches, there are subjects such as Management and Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking which have been introduced quite recently. Students are exposed to ways of thinking innovatively. Events on innovation keep happening in the form of technical fests like Avalanche, and students also participate in competitions organised by the Government of India and other entities. We have a Department of Management Studies that offers a major in entrepreneurship. There are a few clubs like the Programmers Club and the Entrepreneurship Development Programme which promote innovative thinking among students. Hackathons organised by the New Age Incubation Network (NAIN) help to identify potential student projects that can be funded by the Government of Karnataka. Students are encouraged towards innovative thinking through mini projects that they have every semester. In addition to this, every branch has a Design Thinking course for a semester in which students have to individually come up with a prototype that solves a unique problem. We have the Industry-Institute Partnership Cell which has facilities like Flexible Manufacturing System, Rapid Prototyping Machine, Coordinate Manufacturing Machine and Surface Roughness Machine, which can be used by students who have undertaken some projects, and also by the industry to train new recruits from the college. The NAIN Incubation Centre has all the facilities conducive to start start-ups by students. Extracurricular teams for the SAE competitions encourage students to think differently, come up with their own ideas for problems that have constraints, and market their creation at the end. The Computer Science and Engineering department has industry partnerships to provide internships to students. The Mechanical Department has a tie-up with Quest Global to provide CAD/CAM training to students. In addition to this, there is the Tata Technologies Ready Engineer program. Start Ups in the IT Incubation centre also provide internships to students.


Entrepreneurship has not been the main focus of the faculty in general, but in recent times we have seen start-ups that have been started by our own faculty in the Incubation Centre of our college. We have the presence of some faculty who are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship and transfer this to the students as well. The key people involved in the administration of the college - like the Principal and Dean Research and Development are closely tied with and have a special interest in entrepreneurship and never fail to bring to the students’ attention the opportunities that exist.


Every department in the college has  a Board of Studies, which consists not only of senior professors of the department, but also experts from the industry. Therefore, industry involvement starts right from the design of the curriculum. In the city, we have an incubator called Sandbox Startups at our sister institute KLS Institute of Management Education and Research. In the IT Incubation Center in our college itself, provides start-ups with an address and takes no fees for the first six months. Startup India, an initiative by the Government of India, provides 75% of patent filing fee and 100% of company registration fees. We also have faculty who are members of The Indus Entrepreneurs, and through this network they help to bring in entrepreneurs to interact with students.


Start-ups from around the city recruit students from the college full-time or as interns. The college is involved in socio-economic causes through the LEAD and Rotaract clubs, in which students are deeply involved in social innovation.

Leadership circle - Fall 2017 :
Sanjana Baliga
Sanjana Gombi
Sagar Shinde
Ajay Chandrapattan

Leadership circle - Fall 2016 :
Shriya Hukkeri
Samarth Mendke

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